About Us

Just some background info

How did we get started?

We started this company with the ideal thoughts of setting up the complete customer journey for online sellers. In order to figure out how everything works we started selling our own products first so we would be able to know exactly what is needed. After 3 years of testing we are ready to share our infrastructure with you.

The struggles of getting noticed online is getting harder, even when you are already doing good revenue it's always tough to keep up. Our platform will help small startups but also big online sellers that need a turbo charge on their sales or want to expand to other countries.

What makes us different?

We want to offer a full service solution for online sellers like you. There are quite some solutions available already but they will just give you a solution for a couple or just one section. Cart Birds will make sure all aspects in the business are covered.

With our very knowledgeable team of experts there will be no question we can't answer or can't help you with. When you have a request we can't fulfil we will make sure it will be available for you.

Our solution is your one-stop-shop when it comes to online selling, it doesn't matter what you sell we will offer the perfect infrastructure.

Awesomeness begin here. Are you ready?